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Frequently asked Questions


Is Argan oil safe?

YES!  Indicated for external use as described. Because ZUARA Argan Oil is 100% pure and organic certified, there are no harmful chemicals in our products.

It can also be used safely and mostly with good beneficial results on skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, acne and rosacea.

Where does Argan oil come from?

The Argania Spinosa tree from which argan nuts are harvested and the oil extracted, is indigenous only to the south-western region of Morocco.

What are the benefits of Argan oil?

Due to the large number of plant chemicals which naturally occur in organic Argan oil such as anti-oxidants, Omega fatty acids and Vitamin E, it has numerous benefits for the skin.

Most importantly, it is a super food for the skin which hydrates, nourishes, protects and repairs the skin.

How do I track my parcel?

ZUARA Organic Skin Care is integrated with the delivery services of uAfrica.

Tack your parcel at https://track.uafrica.com/