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Starter Pack - Orange Blossom

Starter Pack - Orange Blossom

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Starter pack with fresh Orange Blossom fragrance

Get started with your anti-ageing ZUARA Skin Care range by purchasing this pack, saving 10% instantly!  It contains:

  • 1X Orange Blossom Water (100ml)
  • 1X 100% Pure Argan Oil (30ml, fragrance free) and
  • 1X Ghassoul clay with Orange blossom (100g).

You will have your daily cleanser, mask, pure Argan Oil as hydrater, nourisher, repairer and protector, as well as a freshener to close the pores and seal in the goodness!

See the improvement in you skin and hands as it becomes soft, smooth and fully hydrated all day long, while fine wrinkles fade away!